Welcome to the American Pride Feis Website!

The Tennessee Irish Dance Organization and the Southern Academy of Irish Dance, invites you attend the “Third Annual” American Pride Feis event to be held September 11-12, 2015.

Here is the link for the registration to Feisworx.  The American Pride Registration in now open. Hope to see everyone at the American Pride Feis!



The event will be held at the Franklin Fieldhouse, which is a newly renovated 46,000 square foot professional top-notch facility, which host various basketball and volleyball tournaments and other special events.

Some may ask what is a feis?  A “Feis” is a traditional Gaelic arts & culture festival. The plural form is feiseanna. The term “feis” is commonly used referring to Irish dance competitions.

Yes, it is an Irish Dancing Competition!  You then may ask, How long does the event last?  The Feis event is held Saturday for a full day of competitions, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and lasting up to 3:30 p.m.(depending on the number of competitors).

Don’t forget about Friday night beginning at 6:00 p.m. If you love Traditional Irish Music, we have competitors in this category who play the violin, accordion, tin whistle, etc,

At a feis, there are those who are talented at baking and those who are crafty in the arts. Yes , there  is a competition for that.

Where do the dancers who compete come from?  Dancers come from all over the U.S.

What do those who compete wear?

When competitors begin to dance in these competitions, they traditionally wear a dance costume decided on by their dance school. When these students reach a competition level decided on by the dance school, they have can design or choose a costume of their own. Girls wear ornate dresses with long sleeves and short skirt. The skirt panels are sometimes stiffened with cardboard inserts, but ballet-like “soft-skirts” have become the norm. They usually wear their hair curled, in a wig, in a bun wig or just down. Boys usually wear a dress shirt, tie and/or vest, and dress pants or a kilt.

What about food at the feis? Concessions (breakfast & lunch) will be available throughout the day at the Franklin Fieldhouse.

Is there a fee to park and attend the event?   No fees for spectators for the feis event, and parking is free to all.